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Local Outreach

bethany christian services

Bethany Christian Services

We join with this ministry in helping refugee families who come to America for a new life without the threat of religious persecution or death. In 2014, we started the process by adopting a family from Myanmar (former Burma). The Nuam family has blessed our community and church in many ways.  They have taught us how to be more active in "Being Jesus" in our community and the world.  Once Buddhist, now they have become Christ followers and are learning a new way of living both in the United States and with their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Claim Your Campusnts camp logocyc

At Berkley, we are committed to prayer both inside the church and out the world! The focus of this ministry is to impact students' lives with the transforming message of Jesus Christ and to empower them to change their world. We join with this ministry not only with their annual "Mud Run" but also by sending our students to their "Never The Same Camp" each year. Jeff Eckhart (CEO) has been a close friend to Berkley over the years, and we are blessed to partner with both of these life-changing ministries.  Click here to learn more about NTS Camp or Claim Your Campus.

cart 2North End Community Ministry

This is a shared community ministry whose mission is to provide practical assistance to those in need on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids. Since our church is located in this area of Grand Rapids, we feel the need to partner with this food bank not only with food donations but also with workers who assist them on a weekly basis. One of our efforts this year was a 5K run we called "Run Against Hunger".  This run provided more awareness of this local food bank, and also raised close to 1000 pounds of donated food for the bank. We have a shopping cart available in the foyer, where you can donate nonperishable foods. You can learn more about this ministry by clicking here..

prcPregnancy Resource Center

We believe in the sanctity of life! The Pregnancy Resource Center provides a compassionate response to women who face unplanned pregnancies. It has two locations in the Grand Rapids area and offers a 24-hour helpline, counseling, free pregnancy testing, free ultrasounds, baby supplies, etc. It also promotes and teaches abstinence-based sex education in public and private schools. Our church supports PRC by providing volunteer counselors each week and by participating in their annual "Life Walk". For more
information click here.

yfcYouth for Christ/Campus Life

Since 1965, Campus Life's ultimate mission has been to mobilize Christian adults and teens so that every high school student experiences the kind of significant Christ-revealing relationship that helps them become a life-long follower of Jesus Christ. Here at Berkley, we are proud to have two of our own members Dylan Mason and Grace Ralsten who direct and lead our Northview middle and high school campus programs. Campus Life ministry combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Click here to learn more about this ministry.